We believe that addiction is a chronic medical illness that is highly treatable. People have the potential to not only survive, but thrive if supported and cared for in the right way. Meeting this challenge - helping people affected by addiction live amazing lives - is why we created Eleanor Heal...

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Because we know life can be very stressful, and it can be difficult to reach out for help, we offer free virtual support groups for the public. We’d love to have you join us.

We have online groups for:

Individuals who identify on the LGBTQI+ spectrum

Individuals who identify as Black, Indigeno...

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Waltham, MA & Hickory, NC – Eleanor Health, the first addiction and mental health services provider desi...

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3 weeks ago
I've never been to any other treatment facility where the fact that they actually care shows like it does here. Everyone I've had a pleasure to meet has always been right there if I needed any kind of help with my rehabilitation. I would never be where I am in my recovery without them and I can't thank y'all enough... I truly love you all.
- Roger D
3 weeks ago
The Ellenor difference that I receive in my treatment compared to treatments at methadone clinic and integrated Heath care is ever visit I leave the office with my dignity and respect intact always feeling better about life! And I didn't know you couldn't go to a family doctor and get nerve pills neil not only saved my life by letting me know that's against the law and I flushed them and he's still going to see me my life is great he is the best I know a doctor in charlotte that writes subutex and Xanax but and one in statesville see they don't care about you trust me the best thing you can ever do to improve your life if your a addict I have up never thought I would be happy but dr Guffeney did it for me God bless you Dr Guffeney
- Mark W
a month ago
- emmanuel S

About us

Comprehensive Substance Use Disorder Treatment Programs In Hickory NC

Addiction is a serious disease that should be tackled professionally and lovingly. There should be no judgment and the door to a recovery program should always be open even to those who relapse. We do not have enough recovery centers in Hickory NC. The good news is that Eleanor Health has now opened a new branch location that provides comprehensive and multidisciplinary substance use disorder treatment programs. We are fully committed and dedicated to helping affected members recover from these serious diseases of opioid abuse and alcoholism.

Our drug rehab in Hickory NC offers evidence-based care aimed at improving the quality of life of all our members. Ours is a community-based approach that aims to improve the well being of the addicted member in a wholesome way. At Eleanor Health, we are not only interested in ridding you of the addiction, but we also want your life, health, and relationships to improve. Schedule an appointment with us today to enjoy our results-based treatment program.

Our Services 
Eleanor Health uses an extensive and dynamic approach to treat substance and alcohol abuse. We provide specialized services all aimed at enhancing the physical, mental, and social health of our members. Our Hickory drug rehabilitation facility offers evidence-based physical services that include medical assistance to beat the addiction and also to counter the withdrawal symptoms. We also provide professional psychiatric services to heal the minds and balance the emotions of our members. Our support services are community-based and they are aimed at uplifting you and your life to higher levels than ever before.

Who We Serve
At Eleanor Health, we serve all people who are suffering from substance abuse and alcohol abuse. This means that you can come to us at any time if you are struggling with any type of addiction. Our treatment services are tailored to suit specific individual needs based on the type and level of addiction and the needs of each individual. We treat the following problems:

  • All adults with opioid, alcohol, and other substance abuse problems
  • Relapsed individuals who want to try the recovery process again
  • Older adults in need of more intensive medical assistance
  • Pregnant women with addiction problems
  • Pregnant women who need OB/GYN services

Our highly qualified and experienced professionals at Eleanor Health combine various treatment methods to achieve optimal results. Addiction treatments should be based on science to ensure that they are feasible. At Eleanor Health, we provide members with various types of prescription medication to reduce the craving and minimize withdrawal symptoms. We offer medications like naltrexone, Suboxone, Vivitrol, and many others to our patients as part of our evidence-based medical treatment.

Community-Based Recovery Resources
You need a wide range of recovery and support resources to beat substance and alcohol abuse. That is why we avail various community resources and services to all our members to help them with the recovery process. We want every aspect of your life to improve. Some of the community-based recovery resources and services that you will get include:

  • Proper housing 
  • Viable employment 
  • Proper healthcare
  • Childcare
  • Legal services 
  • Wellness programs
  • Continuing education

Therapy & Counseling 
One of the most important aspects of recovery from substance and alcohol abuse is therapy and counseling. Therapy and counseling are used to treat your mental and emotional problems as you undergo physical treatment for your additions. Every Hickory drug rehab center should provide professional counseling and therapy services to its members. At Eleanor Health, we do therapy and counseling to individuals, groups, and even to your family and loved ones. The therapy and counseling session can be done one-on-one, via video chat, or in a group.

Our Whole-Person Approach
Addiction recovery is a long and tedious process. Actually, it’s a lifelong battle that requires ongoing and focused support. One of the most effective ways of beating addiction is by recovering as a whole. This means that you need to improve all areas of your life otherwise the lagging part will drag you down. That is why we implement the whole-person approach at Eleanor Health. This means that as you recover from your cravings and withdrawals, you also appreciate improvements in other areas of your life including your work, productivity, physical health, mental health, and love life. Our professionals at Eleanor Health are very understanding and compassionate. There is no judgment on our part. All we want is to motivate you as much as possible and to offer you all the support that you need so that you can regain your confidence and start enjoying your life.

Why Eleanor Health
Our mission at Eleanor Health is to help all individuals who are struggling with substance abuse and other additions live amazing lives. We incorporate each member’s culture, values, life experiences, and challenges into the treatment program to make a positive difference in their lives. Most of all we use love and compassion to help or members realize that they have a place in society and that someone cares for them. Join our family today and Eleanor Health will guide you through the treacherous path to recovery.  

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